Persian Yalameh – Bandi – N592

ID : N592

Size: 148 x 108 cm

Colour Tone: Red –

Material: Wool on Wool


The town of Yalameh lies slightly north of the city of Isfahan in central Iran. Yalameh is well known for its top-quality tribal rugs with diamond geometric designs.

In comparison with other tribal rugs, Yallameh is up there with the best. A typical fine Yalameh rug The pile used in Yalameh rugs is very fine, particularly in comparison to other tribal designs, using soft wool based on a cotton foundation. The pattern is distinctive with large repeated diamonds in a straight line down the carpet, often with geometrical animal or human prints scattered across the field.

Dark red or light brown on a blue or orange background is most common for Yalameh, similar to Shiraz rugs, the rugs compliment modern or minimalist furniture beautifully, giving the living space an aura of luxurious style and warm.


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