Persian Tafresh – Geomatric – N1045

ID : N1045

Size: 309 x 175 cm

Colour Tone: Black – Cream

Material: Wool on Cotton


Tafresh rugs are hand woven using soft wool in a small village west of Tehran, Iran. Tafresh rugs are characterised by their strong ‘single weft’ construction, bright colours and bold traditional designs.

TAFRESH Persian Rugs Tafresh lies east of the city of Hamadan and is considered a border area of anything recognized as Hamadan made rugs. Tafresh rugs are of excellent quality and design; some of the best in the area. Like Hamadan they are single-wefted but are fairly different in many other aspects.

This design features a central medallion known as a clockface medallion. It is both distinctive and mysterious as to what it represents. It is believed to be a zoroastrian symbol of the sun. These designs are well known to be from the village of Tafresh, however copies can be found from India.

Tafresh also makes smaller rugs and runners, large carpets are rare. Tafresh rugs are typically very desirable and collectible.


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