Persian Sirjan – Medallion – N676

ID : N676

Size: 200 x 145 cm

Colour Tone: Red – Cream

Material: Wool on Wool

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Sirjan rugs originate from Sirjan, located in the Province of Fars in southern Iran, is the main collection point for the tribal traditional rugs that are produced in the area between Shiraz and Kerman.

Sirjan is famous for its highly collectable “Sofreh” textile – a small, square shape Kilim type textile that had many practical functions including that of a dining rug. The majority of Sirjan rugs are flat weave, which basically creates a textile without a pile.

The technique of flat weaving Sirjan rugs means that no knots are used in the weaving process. Instead the warp strands are used as the foundation and the weft stands are used as both part of the foundation and in creating the patterns. The weft strands are woven through the warp strands.

However there are Sirjan rugs that are woven with the symmetrical knot at an approximate density of 100 KPSI (knots per square inch).


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