Persian Shiraz – Lion – N1321

ID : N1321

Size: 200 x 124 cm

Colour Tone: Red – Gold

Material: Wool on Wool

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Shiraz carpets are simple Persian carpets made of wool from the region. The natural material is processed to a knot density of 80,000-160,000 knots per square metre.

The carpets mostly originate from nomadic production. In the area of the city live Ghaschghai-nomads, whose rug knotting tradition goes back a long way. The carpets they produce are traded either under the name of Ghashghai or under the name of Shiras (Shiraz) in the city’s bazaars.

The city is located in the province of Fars in the ruins of the Persepolis. The city is known among Iranians for its relaxed culture, atmosphere and literary history.


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