Persian Shiraz Kilim – Reversible – KN660

ID :KN660

Size: 291 x 204 cm

Colour Tone: Rust – Green

Material: Wool on Wool


Persian Kilim Rugs are flatweaves including Gelim, Sumakh, Jajim, & Sofreh types. A thousand years ago, every town in Persia had its own distinct weaving style.

Society was also a factor: elegant silk carpets signalled wealth and distinction, while Sufis and Dervishes (who shunned earthly materialism) wove coarser rugs. Among the Azerbaijani, Shahsevan and Qashqa’i nomads, slit-woven tapestry predominated. Over time, village motifs and styles intermingled. But whether made for kings or shepherds, both old and new Persian rugs remain treasured throughout the world for their ethnic splendor.

Let be your source of woven history! Synonymous with High Fashion, a Persian kilim will be the centerpiece of your home, & enjoyable for many years to come.


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