Persian Kashan – Medallion – N571

ID : N571

Size: 219 x 137 cm

Colour Tone: Red – D.Blue

Material: Wool on Cotton

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Kashan carpets are mostly knotted from very good wool. Silk is rarely used. Carpet production experienced a decline in the past, but until today it came back to its old strength. For this reason, Kashan carpets are very popular and appreciated by connoisseurs of the industry. Warp and weft are usually made of cotton and the pile is made of high-quality sheep’s wool. The dense knotting with Persian knots creates carpets that owners will enjoy for a long time. There is a variety of knotted patterns. Thus, medallions as well as floral ornaments or allover designs can be found. The colouring of these Persian carpets with blue, red and beige shades is highly traditional.


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