Persian Gharajeh – Geomatric – N1493

ID : N1493

Size: 336 x 206 cm

Colour Tone: – Red

Material: Wool on Cotton


Gharajeh rugs, also called Karadja or, more commonly, Karaja rugs, are hand woven heirloom textiles that were produced in or near the village of Qarajeh, Heris (Heriz), northeast of Tabriz in the Karadagh region of Iran – just south of the Azerbaijan border in the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan.

The carpets from this area – i.e. Karaja rugs – display very unique design attributes that distinguish them from other Northwestern Persian (Iranian) rugs and carpets. Although these carpets typically display strong rectilinear – even geometric – design tendencies, they may exhibit stylistic patterns that may be derivative of, or similar to, other rug styles – namely the Heriz style (i.e. the Heriz medallion specifically).


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