Persian Bidjar – All over – N611

ID : N611

Size: 195 x118 cm

Colour Tone: Blue – Cream

Material: Wool on Cotton base


Bidjar (Bijar) rugs are robust and dirt-resistant. This small town in western Iran is inhabited by Kurds. Kurdish carpets are known for their firm knotting. The pile is compressed so strongly that it stands vertically upwards. The carpets are knotted with a traditional Turkish knot. This way, dirt particles have less chance of getting in the pile. The positive effect: the rug benefits from a longe life span.

The Persian carpets from Bijar are available in almost all sizes. Their high knot density of up to 600,000 knots shows the high effort involved in production. Because their designs are often restrained and unobtrusive, they can be used in many environments.


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