Pakistan – Double Knotted – A3521

ID : A3521

Size: 315 x 248 cm

Colour Tone: MultiColour –

Material: Wool & Silk on cotton


Pakistani carpets usually have a special shine because their wool comes from Australia. The Pakistani government supports carpet production and helps import high-quality yarns. Most of Pakistan’s carpet weavers are of Islamic origin and fled to Pakistan after the war between India and Pakistan. Large cities of Pakistani carpet production are Lahore and Karachi.

Pakistani carpets are not among the finest, but are cheaper than those from Persian production. Known are for example the Pakistan Buchara carpets. Patterns of Pakistani carpets are often inspired by Turkmen carpets (Mori carpets) or by antique Ziegler-Designs (from Iran). Pakistani carpets are mainly knotted in red or dark red.


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