Kashmir – Double Knotted – A3075

ID : A3075

Size: 305 x 240 cm

Colour Tone: Cream – Beige

Material: Silk on silk

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A Kashmir rug is a hand-knotted oriental rug from Kashmir valley in India, which is associated with Kashmiri handicrafts. Kashmir rugs or carpets have intricate designs that are primarily oriental, floral style in a range of colors, sizes and quality.

The Kashmiri Rugs – Kashmiri word denotes a native or inhabitant of Kashmir. It also refers to the language of Kashmir. Rug word is recognised with the floor covering of thick woven material (“an oriental rug”).

Kashmir carpets are handmade, hand-knotted, and are primarily made using pure wool, pure silk and occasionally wool and silk blends. These are available in wide-ranging colors, designs and sizes.

Kashmir rugs are primarily made in the vicinity of Srinagar, Kashmir in North India and neighboring villages in rural parts of Kashmir. Kashmir rugs are one of the most sought-after artworks by connoisseurs around the world owing to their exceptional workmanship.


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