Singapore as Southeast Asia’s ‘carpet hub’

Saeid Labbafi is a businessman and entrepreneur who owns eight carpet shops along the Arab Street. As the Founder and Chairman of One Kampong Gelam (OKG), Labbafi has played a significant role in revitalising the Kampong Gelam precinct.

Stressing that the area has a rich variety to offer– beyond the usual “clothing and fabrics”  – One Kampong Gelam chairman Saeid Labbafi brushed off concerns that digitisation would dilute the traditional identity of the place.

“In order to keep the heritage of Kampong Glam alive, businesses must be (thriving) so that it doesn’t become a museum,” he said.


In 2017, Labbafi won the Place Champion Award awarded by the Urban Redevelopment Authority for his efforts. His hope is to position Singapore as Southeast Asia’s ‘carpet hub’.

Saeid Labbafi

Kampong Glam - Singapore

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